Transmission Issues More Challenging To Detect In Heavy Trucks

Transmission issues may arise more heavily if you will in heavyweight trucks than in your everyday sedans and hatchbacks. This would be down to the trucks’ regular and extensive use. Engines are always working overtime in managing heavy loads and covering long distances. And they also make a lot of noise. This is why the detection of a transmission issue may be more of a challenge for drivers and their fleet managers.

Before truck repair lynnwood work could commence, a diagnostics test would have to be run. On the basic level, not so easy to perform when you are called upon to listen out for grinding and other unusual noises. Nevertheless, when a transmission issue is imminent, the truck may start but will not operate as it should. There could be surges or delays when attempting to propel the truck forward at speed.

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A proper diagnostics test may reveal that no serious damage has occurred and in that case, nothing more than a transmission flush will be required. Sending the heavily used truck in for regular maintenance and inspections will be prudent. During this scheduled inspection, the full transmissions diagnostics review can be carried out. But should seasoned truck operators be in a position of diligence to manage their own rudimentary tests, they will be looking out for the following symptoms.

Needless to say, the transmission will be making a noise when the vehicle is in neutral. There could be a smell of burning transmission fluid. And the vehicle stubbornly refuses to shift into gear. All vehicles should have warning lights on their dashboards, and in this case, the engine light will signal. Particularly when regular maintenance work has not been carried out, all this could mean that the truck’s filter has not been changed for a long time.