How to Choose a Bike for BMX Racing

BMX racing is a sport that people of all ages enjoy. Kids, teens, and adults can all be found on the race track on any given day testing their skills and striving to become better racers than the day before. As a bmx racing haltom city tx participant, you understand fully how exciting this sport can be. It is competitive and fun and of course, provides participants with endless rewards small and large.  But, you must have a great bike to participate in these events. With so many options available, choosing the best bike can sometimes be difficult.


BMX is not a brand, as many people think. However, many brands do create bikes for BMX riders and racers so there are endless options to choose from. Each brand delivers its own pros and cons as well as price point, so do keep this in mind when determining the best brand for your racing needs.

BMX Bike Type

Which BMX bike type is best suited for your needs? You can take your pick of three main styles of frames, each affecting the riding smoothness, power, and other factors. The three types of bikes are the classic, best suited for dirt tracks; the freestyle bike for flatland street tricks and skate parks; and the jumper BMX when you want the highest jumps possible.

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Bike Size & Wheels

The bike size is yet another important decision to keep in mind when it is time to buy a great racing bike. The right size bike depends on the age of the rider and the skill level. Some specialty frames are also available if you would like this. The wheels on the bike should be compatible with your riding style. Most wheels have 32 spokes but some have as many as 48 spokes.