Exactly What is Ship Assist?

Ship assist is a service that a ship may need at any time while sailing the waters. But, exactly what is ship assist on the mississippi? You’ve come to the right place to gather this information. Read below to learn more information about ship assist and the situations when it may be needed.

Most ship assist is provided by a towboat or a tugboat. These professionals offer a variety of services that ships may need. When goods are being moved all over the world via ship, they oftentimes contain large loads of shipping containers. These containers make drop off easy, but they’re difficult to maneuver and do not operate very fast. This can become a big issue on the harbor.

Ship assist is there to help any boat that gets stuck due to the containers or other mishaps. The tugboats that come to the rescue are strong and small so they can be maneuvered back to harbor very easily. Once the tugboat arrives, a pilot will board and steer the ship into port. Sometimes they pull larger vessels to port and sometimes they pull or push it in. sometimes tugboats work in teams to ensure the biggest jobs are completed. The pilot is someone with extensive experience who is familiar with the harbor. Sometimes multiple people are used to complete the ship assist.

ship assist on the mississippi

Although this is the most common reason for ship assist, it is used for other situations as well. Ship assist is also used when a ship has become distressed when out in the ocean. This occurs if a ship loses power, the ability to steer, or other problems that make it impossible to reach port safely. There are specialized tugboats designed to help those who experience boat distress situations of many types.