Consequences of Driving Without Auto Insurance in Arizona

Driving an automobile in Tempe is not optional. It is state law that drivers carry minimum amounts of auto insurance. Failure to carry this mandatory insurance is a crime that carries with it many consequences, none of which you want to endure. Exactly what are the consequences of driving without auto insurance tempe az drivers face?

Consequences of driving without auto insurance vary according to the number of times you’ve been cited for the offense. You have   a duty to show proof of insurance any time you are stopped by a law enforcement officer or if you are involved in an auto accident. Failure to carry proof of insurance with you is in itself a crime.

If you’re a first-timer offender found guilty of driving without auto insurance, you’ll lose your driving privileges, registration, and licenses plate for a period of three months. Fine of nearly $1000 are also involved in the penalty.

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A second offense for driving an automobile without insurance is worse and the penalties includes 36- months of driver’s license, registration and license plate suspension! Yes, you’ll be without this for a period of three years. Plus fines of about $1,400 are to be paid before you can get the privileges back.

Third time offenders lose their driving privileges, registration, and license plate for a period of one year. A fine of almost $2,000 is levied that must be paid before you gain back your privileges after the 12-months period has expired.

Driving without insurance is never a good idea for anyone in Tempe or the state. State law requires that drivers carry insurance so they’re always safe and financially protected while driving. Make sure you’re driving with the insurance that you need and don’t risk the consequences.