Common Myths About Oil Changes

Every vehicle depends on regular oil changes to protect the engine and keep the vehicle running its best. But, there are still a plethora of myths surrounding oil changes that cause many drivers to miss out on the full benefits this service provides. Don’t be among those drivers when it’s so easy to learn the truth and separate yourself from the myths.

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Myth: Only a Dealer Should Change Your Oil

Dealers certainly offer oil changes, but visiting this center for your service will likely cost a considerable amount of money more than an oil change than a regular auto repair center. If you choose a worthwhile repair center, there shouldn’t be any worries!

Myth: An Oil Change is Needed Every 3,000 Miles

This technically isn’t a full myth. Some cars still need an oil change every 3,000 miles, but many use a synthetic oil that allows up to 7,000 miles before an oil change norwood ma is needed. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn the frequency of oil changes for your car.

Myth: Use a Thicker Motor Oil for Better Wear Protection

Taking your vehicle into a professional to change the oil will help ensure that you get the best motor oil for your vehicle. The owner’s manual will also help you learn this information. Do not wrongly assume that a thicker motor oil provides better wear protection because it could actually cause your car to demise.

Myth: You’re Tied to Synthetic Oil if it is used Once

There is another big myth that many people hear and that involves the type of oil that is used in the car. Switching between conventional oil and synthetic oil is perfectly fine, but it is a big myth that you cannot use conventional oil after using synthetic oil once. You can switch between the two if you choose!